I learned that I could sell my work for more in Boston but it cost a shit load more to live there. Shannon and I rented a basement apartment for $1500 a month that we could barely afford. The basement was dark, and Boston as a city is dark and cloudy already... so it was just a dark, cold, and lonely experience. The positives for me were the two shows we organized, "A Show of Friends" and "Snagglefest". I also put my work up in a few restaurants/cafes/bars. It costs a lot to rent a Uhaul and if you don't sell some work or get any emails from people that saw it, you don't really get a sense of the works reception by the public.  Shannon and I made some amazing friends through the Art scene and the Boston Critique Group.  

Between gigs as an "Art Handler", I had time to develop my slow drying impasto technique. I left town in mid September completely burnt out on life as a painter, and hoping to learn more about farming.

Studio in full swing

My easel

 Chaos in the studio was the norm.